Refund Policy

Hayleymedia Ltd, owner of does not provide refunds for listings more than 24 hours after a listing is purchased unless it took longer than 72 hours for the listing to be posted to the site. In order to be eligible to receive such a refund must receive your refund request in accordance with the process described below within five calendar days of your purchase of a listing. reserves the right to make refunds at any time in connection with cases of fraud, abuse, and in other limited instances. does not provide refunds under any other circumstances. reserves the right to finally determine at its sole discretion whether the criteria for a refund set forth in this policy have been satisfied and to request any additional information relevant to such request.

All refund requests must be in writing and include your name, address, e-mail address, listing ID, equipment description, the last four digits of the credit card used to purchase the listing, and the reasons you are requesting a refund. Please send refund requests through the site’s e-mail contact form. is not responsible for refund requests that are not timely or received in accordance with this policy for any reason, including without limitation, web congestion, addressing mistakes, computer or Internet downtime, or requests submitted by phone, post, or any other manner not specifically detailed in this policy.