Mugatech TT-42 Double Spindle 8-AXIS CNC TURNING CENTRE / LATHE

$100,000.00 Exc. GST
Quick-Tech Mugatech

Great condition, low hours machine - perfect for high production small diameter parts.

Includes bar feeder, tooling. Approx 4450 hrs cutting time.
This turning centre provides complete part machining, including all complex milling functions, and features eight axes and two turning spindles. A unique three-axis gang tooling system serves each spindle to allow simulteneous machining on both spindles. The main tool post features six O.D. turning tools, four I.D. turning tools, three radial live tool heads, and three axial live tool heads. Four O. D. turning tools, five I.D. turning tools, three axial live tool heads, and three radial live tools heads is featured on the sub-tool post. A flexible tooling system is standard, with quick-change toolholders for easy changing.

Max material size thru spindle 42mm.

Mitsubishi M700 controller.

Viewing in Clevedon.

Metalworking Machinery
Lathes CNC
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