Microcut Challenger MM-430.

$40,000.00 Exc. GST
Challenger MM-430

This is a 10 year old machine that’s 100% fully functional, in excellent working condition.

This CNC Machine has a 3-axis vertical machining centre.

This 3-axis milling machine of the brand Microcut comes with an upgraded 24-fold tool changer.

Has a FAGOR 8055 M i/A control.

The spindle has been replaced with an upgraded faster rotational speed of 10.000 RPM

The machine has been serviced regularly.

There isn’t a tidier and more excellent second hand working machine available, like this, anywhere in NZ.

Available extras are:

Filter Mist, Model FX4002 $2000.00

2 x CNC Machine Vice $750.00 each

Manufacturer: Microcut
Type: Challenger MM-430
Control: Fagor 8055
Travels: X 760 mm Y 430 mm Z 390 mm
Max. Rapid traverse: 24 m/min


Max. Rotational speed (upgraded from 8000) to 10.000 RPM
Spindle motor continuous power: 5,7 kW
Spindle motor power 60 minutes: 7,5 kW


Dimensions: 900 mm x 410 mm
T-slot: 16 mm x 4 mm x 100 mm
Max. load: 350 kg


Max. Tool length: 200 mm
Max. Tool diameter: 100 mm
Max. Tool diameter with free adjacent pockets: 130 mm
Max. Tool weight: 8 kg
Tool changing time: 10 seconds
Max. Number of tools: 24 (Upgraded from 16 to 24)


Dimensions: L 2200mm x W 2000mm x H 2400mm
Weight: 3.700 kg


Microcut MM430 3-axis vertical machining centre. This Challenger MM-430 numerically-controlled machine is extremely versatile, and particularly suitable for series production.
Its 760 x 460 x 460 mm toolpaths enable it to produce a wide range of parts, for both single and series production.
This machine is characterized by:
• A simple yet effective and above all robust design.
• Large, finite-element cast-iron frame.
• The column, table and table frame have all been treated and stabilized to relieve mechanical stresses.
• Linear guides on all 3 axes are of the ball-rail type, with recirculating guide shoes.
• Class C3 ball screws are pre-stressed (to control expansion) and directly coupled to their servomotors.
• A 10,000rpm mechanical spindle equipped with an operating temperature stability control system.
• A 5.5 / 7.5Kw fanuc spindle motor.

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