Abrasive Cut-off Drop Saw on Frame with Arm extensions

$2,500.00 Exc. GST

This is not a cold-cut type saw. It's an abrasive hot-cut type saw using PSF Chop Steelox Cutting blades.

The 3-phase 3Hp Motor runs at 1500rpm (that's what's on the motor spec) and is geared up to drive the abrasive blade at around 2,500rpm. Was used in a Stainless Steel fabrication Workshop and was very effective. No expensive Coolant required. Blades are around 1/10th of similar cold saw blade

Set up as Abrasive Saw Have used for Wood 3 Phase 3Hp motor 1500rpm Cuts from 45° to 135° Frame 2800 x 580 Bed 2800 x 240 3x Support Arms to give a total support length of 12m+ 8x New 80T Ø400 - 2.8K PSF Chop Steelox Cutting Blades  24 Used Abrasive Blades of various sizes Ø305 60T Wood Trimk / Finish Blade

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